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Get Faster Flip Times with Higher Profits
If you want to be the one to start snatching up those great properties and making a profit, you’re in the right place. Our expert team here at Indy REI specializes in locating and quickly acquiring distressed properties from private sellers, which we then professionally rehab and sell to smart investors who enjoy a maximum return on their dollars.

Our proven, scalable method enables us to tout one of the shortest flip times in Indy. We claim the market share while it’s at the hottest point, and deliver the very best ROI to every seller who trusts us with their project.

Whether you need to buy on contract within a strict timeline, you’re a new investor who wants to get into real estate but you don’t know where to start, or you’re a Realtor who wants to save time and offer your buyers better homes, we have the solutions to match your specific needs.

Start Benefiting from Insider Experience

With decades of experience and successful results driving our team, we can move your project forward with incredible efficiency. We apply our deep industry knowledge of the local Indianapolis real estate market to sift through it all and quickly find the diamonds in the rough.

Once we acquire the right property for you, our team gets to work providing high-quality, well-constructed homes that will not only keep your clients happy, but help you build a solid reputation as well.

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Dustin Ruhl

Founder and President of Indy REI

Indy REI founder Dustin Ruhl worked in banking for over 10 years and knows that investing is about relationships. Indy REI knows how to buy, we rehab quickly, and we set you up with solid property management, getting you passive income for years to come. We are about making sure it’s not just us who wins but that the investor wins.